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Individual & Group Coverage: (800) 400-PCHP
Medicare Advantage: (877) 210-1719

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To download a printable copy of the PPO directory, Click Here

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If you already know the provider you are looking for, the above provider search link identify physicians, pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare professionals and service providers currently participating in the Piedmont network.  If you need to choose a Piedmont participating provider, then please see the below "pulldown menu" and select the appropriate category and then you will be taken to a page to see a complete list of your selected category.

As a member of Piedmont Community Health Plan or Piedmont Community HealthCare, you will receive the highest level of benefits at the lowest out-of-pocket expense to you when you use a member of the Piedmont Provider Network. This network contains 98% of all physicians and other healthcare providers in the region.

As a Piedmont member you have emergency and urgent care coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - regardless of where you may be.  You do not have to use a participating facility in an emergency situation, although it does help to lower the costs.

In addition to these local area providers, Piedmont also maintains relations with other out-of-area networks to ensure you coverage wherever and whenever you travel.  Also for employees and college students who may be temporarily living out of our immediate service area.  Some of these networks include:

Piedmont Community Health Plan verifies the information in its provider directories through its credentialing process and quarterly outreach to providers. This online provider information is subject to change as network participants change their participation status. You should always ask the physician or other healthcare providers each time you request health services whether they participate with Piedmont Community Health Plan's network.  Or, please call Piedmont Community Health Plan at 434-947-3590 or 800-400-7247 to check a provider's status.