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Marketplace Premium Payment 1-888-518-7597
Individual & Group Coverage: (800) 400-PCHP
Medicare Advantage: (877) 210-1719
TTY: 711

Waiting for your ID card? Questions about your Marketplace plan?
Questions about college-bound dependents?
Employee group coverage to groups of all sizes. Fully insured and self-insured plans are available, too!
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Piedmont’s comprehensive network of providers applies to all plans available in the marketplace.
The Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP Marketplace plans, can help small businesses offer affordable coverage to their employees.

Providers For BWXT


Piedmont Health PLAN


Piedmont Community Health Plan is a healthcare company for local employers and their employees in the Central Virginia area.  Piedmont Community Health Plan has an extensive network of local physicians and hospitals and provides coverage throughout the state of Virginia, and even nationally. Piedmont Community Health Plan will be the network provider for those with home mailing addresses in Virginia.



If you are looking for a provider in the Lynchburg or surrounding areas to include the following counties; Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Buckingham, Campbell, Charlotte, Halifax, Nelson, Pittsylvania, and Prince Edward, then click here.

To find Piedmont participating providers web-logo2


If you are looking for a provider in Chatham, or south of Chatham, click here on Gateway. 

   To find Gateway participating providers  


If you are looking for a provider in northern Nelson, northern Buckingham or western Bedford, as well as all other parts of Virginia, click here on Virginia Health Network.  

To find VHN participating providers 


If you are looking for a provider when you are traveling or have college students in another state, then click below for MultiPlan.  

To find MultiPlan participating providers


Your identification card will contain the network logos for the appropriate networks. 
If you have questions, please contact the Care Coordinators at 1-888-563-6766.