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Well On Your Way - Wellness Program


"Health is not simply the absence of sickness."

Welcome to Piedmont Community Health Plan's wellness information site where you'll find information about Piedmont's "Well On Your Way" wellness program and downloadable copies our our wellness program materials. 

Healthier people have fewer health claims and fewer claims can help to lower health plan costs.  At Piedmont we have developed an effective health management program or Wellness Program with this goal in mind. The program is efficient and easy to participate in because it combines the benefits of our own internal case management capabilities along with outside resources such as an optional group Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that can be delivered directly to you.

Piedmont’s individual Case Management Programs address specialized wellness needs and include a diabetic disease management program, a prenatal maternity program, a behavioral health program and a tobacco cessation program.  By participating in these more intensive educational programs certain people who may be “at risk” can learn better ways to further their healthcare management goals.

In addition, Piedmont has partnered with HealthWorks to offer the option of conducting group HRAs to further help identify potential health problems in their early stages. The resulting information is then mailed to the employee with suggestions for appropriate follow up measures.

Piedmont "Well On Your Way" wellness program materials:

Piedmont Employer Programs:
For employers, Piedmont offers a suite of wellness programs for their employees targeting nutrition, diet, exercise and other important quality of life issues.  Please call our in-house Wellness Coordinator for more information at 434-947-4463, ext. 322.

Piedmont Case Management Program Flyers

Piedmont Case Management Program Materials

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