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Preventive Services

For all preventive services that are covered at no cost under Original Medicare, we also cover the service at no cost to you. However, if you also are treated or monitored for an existing medical condition during the visit when you receive the preventive service, a copayment will apply for the care received for the existing medical condition. 

Sometimes, Medicare adds coverage under Original Medicare for new services during the year. If Medicare adds coverage for any service during 2017, either Medicare or our plan will cover those services. 

All Preventive benefits covered under Original Medicare at zero cost-sharing have a $0 in-network copayment. If you choose to seek these benefits out-of-network, then there is a yearly plan deductible and a 40% coinsurance for the cost of covered services.  

For a detailed explanation of what is included in each preventive service, review Chapter 4 of the Evidence of Coverage. 

Preventive services

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening 
Annual wellness visit 
Bone mass measurement 
Breast cancer screening (mammograms) 
Cardiovascular disease risk reduction visit (therapy for cardiovascular disease) 
Cardiovascular disease testing 
Cervical and vaginal cancer screening 
Colorectal cancer screening 
Depression screening 
Diabetes screening 
Diabetes self-management training, diabetic services and supplies 
HIV screening 
Medical nutrition therapy 
Obesity screening and therapy to promote sustained weight loss 
Prostate cancer screening exams 
Screening and counseling to reduce alcohol misuse 
Screening for lung cancer with low doss computed tomography (LDCT)
Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and counseling to prevent STIs 
Smoking and tobacco use cessation (counseling to stop smoking or tobacco use) 
Vision care 
“Welcome to Medicare” Preventive Visit 


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