Piedmont Community Health Plan (Piedmont) is a provider-sponsored health insurer located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

At Piedmont, we believe that insurers and healthcare providers should be collaborators, not competitors, to ensure that our communities receive the best possible care at the lowest possible cost. Our approach is to think and behave like a not-for-profit, administer like a for-profit, and manage care as a provider-sponsored plan.

Piedmont has over 25 years of health insurance experience. We offer a variety of products, including individual health plans, employer-owned health plans and employer-sponsored health plans.

We provide health insurance coverage to members across Virginia and throughout the United States. Access to primary care physicians, specialists and hospitals is available through three network options: Centra Community (Lynchburg area), Virginia Expanded (statewide), and National Coast-to-Coast (national).

Our Leadership Team

ryan ziemann

Ryan Ziemann is Piedmont’s chief executive officer, leading the development and execution of the organization’s financial strategy. He oversees finance, accounting, actuarial/underwriting, and corporate development.

In 2021, Ryan also served as Piedmont’s interim chief executive officer while Richard Tugman temporarily served as interim chief executive officer of Centra Health, Piedmont’s parent company.

Ryan joined Piedmont in 2018 and has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare finance and strategic transformation. Prior to Piedmont, Ryan was most recently director of payment integrity financial reporting at Change Healthcare where he led financial strategy through acquisitions of complementary payment integrity companies, managed financial integration of legacy financial reporting systems and processes, and provided direction through financial turnaround and cost structure optimization initiatives. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematical sciences from DePaul University. He is a graduate of L’Evate’s community leadership program and has attained the ASA designation from the Society of Actuaries.